My Philosophy

who are we?

My goal is to build furniture that lasts, not for years but for generations. The word quality is cliche, it has been used to describe everything. We roll our eyes now, or simply expect it to be stated about any item. But there was a time where we could identify quality, we recognized it when we touched it, or saw it, or used it. We stood back and thought to ourselves, "wow, this is nice". I wanted that back. I wanted to be able to take my time, to not take shortcuts, to not feel rushed or pressured on a deadline. I didn't want the phone constantly beeping and interrupting my train of thought or my work.


I believed that other people wanted that too. They didn't just want that in their lives, they wanted it and deserved it from the products they purchased. I believe that people want to buy something once that cost more but lasts for decades instead of a cheaper version purchased every year. I believe that people not only appreciate true quality but they crave it.

I also believe we're losing it. There's no debate, we all agree life has sped up. In many cases drastically. We do more in an hour now then we did in an entire day only a few decades ago. Much of this is due to technological advancement. There's no doubt we benefit from that advancement, be we also suffer and so do our products. More is expected in less time, and when that squeeze happens the true quality suffers.


It is stated in business there are three components: time, price, quality. They can never be equal, they will always shuffle, but you as the producer have to decide the order. Most businesses during our lifetime have shifted to: 1. Time (as in fast) 2. Price 3. Quality

I refuse. If you would like to know, here is my order: 1. Quality (as in both craftsmanship, and materials) 2. Price (Recognizing that this is a reasonable expectation) 3. Time (Don't worry, it won't take me a year to build your table)

My hope is that you are a like minded person. You appreciate that we can take the definition of quality back. We can wrestle it from the hands of mass production (especially those darn charging cords, I mean come on, can't someone make one that doesn't split at the end).

I look forward to speaking with you, to collaboratively designing, or directly selling a piece already produced. If you have any questions about the process, the cost, or any other concerns I am available through out the day.

What's In A Name?

The business name Hunna Mei comes from my grandmother Hunna Salafia, and my grandfather Charlie Mays. Our surname Mei, before it was changed migrating through Ellis Island. They were creatives at heart, my grandmother an interior designer and my grandfather a graphic designer all his life. The teardrop is dedicated to them, they often reminisced about the fond memories they made camping on Hammonasset State Beach.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the incredible inspiration my best friend and wife has been. In fact, this entire endeavor was her idea, and she is a wonderful partner. So, to my lovely wife Bree: I love you dearly, thank you for your many years of support and concern. What an incredible adventure this life has been thus far. Speaking of things that last for decades... I look forward to many more decades in our future.


Joel Mays

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