Large Claro Walnut Live Edge- Rare Figure - Over 100 Years Old Reclaimed Local

Large Claro Walnut Live Edge- Rare Figure - Over 100 Years Old Reclaimed Local

Large Claro Walnut Live Edge Dinning Table - Rare Figure and Split Crotch - Over 100 Years Old Reclaimed Local


This piece is a single slab recovered from a land clearing near Central California. Old growth Walnut trees are extremely rare and cannot be cut down, which makes this unique piece a historical gem. It features a high degree of figure along with curly areas that reflect a three dimensional visual, it also includes incredible uniqueness in the split crotch of the tree. Own an enduring piece of history that will last for many more centuries.

I will deliver and install all of these tables personally. Each table comes with a packet that includes identification, authentication, and the history of the wood/table. If you would like, I will also explain how to read the table along with historical notes tied to the growth areas. *** These table are available for California delivery. Please contact me for out of state purchases to arrange shipping.

Style: Table - 4 Seater Dinning Table or Large Coffee Table
Dimensions: 70(59.5)”L x 42.5(29))”W (Number is parenthesis is smallest area)
Wood: Claro Walnut (juglans hindsii)
Legs: Flat Bar or Hair Pin included - Many other custom options available upon request
Item: CW0317
Finish: Matte or High Gloss - 2K Polyurethane (Dent, scratch, water, and UV resistant. This is the most durable technology currently available.)
Made in Fallbrook California

Please note: There are a few options in the drop down menu. The price includes a matte finish with either hairpin or flat bar steel legs, however you can choose custom legs or a high gloss finish for an additional cost. High gloss is pictured above, a matte finish will be flat (not reflective) if you would like pictures of the matte finish please email or message me.

Actual item pictured.

Finishing: No shortcuts. There is no substitute for the time it takes to produce a beautiful finish. The process takes nearly a month from start to finish. During the first stage, a specialized two part epoxy is worked into the grain for several weeks. This fills the grain, adds an important layer of protection, and prepares for the final finish of 2K Polyurethane ISO Free (environmentally friendly). During the second stage, I wet sand between coats which helps ensure even cutting, but it's a careful and tedious task. Two more coats followed by leveling, buffing and polishing the top coat. These steps will produce a rich depth and gloss that is not only exceptionally durable, but will also highlight the unique Claro Walnut figure. The finishing process is long and some may say overkill, but the end product will be the most durable slab table available. If properly cared for, these tables will last forever.

Important Note: Live edge slabs require a great amount of time and careful labor in order to develop. All pieces are locally recovered from windfalls, insect attack, or land clearing. This means that unlike handpicked young trees, the natural imperfections of live edge and slab wood are integral to the beauty and uniqueness. I encourage you to come in and see the pieces in person so you can have a true eye to the color and look of the table.


ALL ITEMS WILL BE SHIPPED FLAT-PACKED, meaning that the table lies flat with the legs disassembled on the the table, this requires you to put the legs on. All table have predrilled mounting holes for the legs. I will supply the screws or bolts used to mount the legs. In almost all cases a drill or screwdriver is all you need (for legs that use bolts I will supply a wrench to assemble).

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