The Garden Party

The Garden Party

African Mahogany Contemporary Adirondack Chair - Unique Redesign Of The Classic Garden Chair


This new take on the classic Adirondack chair is a breath of fresh air. The design incorporates curves that complement and enhance the visual elements. The painstaking process to form each curved piece that make up the arms, seat, and back are well worth the effort as the chair comes together. As striking inside or outside the house, this chair will make an incredible addition to your home or garden.

Design, function, and comfort are at the core of my woodworking philosophy.

Design: The gentle curves throughout this piece compliment each other to form an elegant take on the traditional Adirondack.
Function: The African Mahogany will not only endure the outdoor elements, it will weather and age gracefully over time.
Comfort: Finally, it's just really comfortable to sit in. Read a book, lounge in the sun, or pull it up to a table for lunch.

Style: Indoor/Outdoor Chair
Overall Dimensions: 29"W X 37"T X 32"D
Wood: African Mahogany
Item: AA0105
Finish: Outdoor Oil
Made in Fallbrook California

Finish: Please note as with all furniture that can be used outdoors, the finish should be reapplied after the first six months and then once a year thereafter (very easy application). I will provide you with instructions along with the purchasing information.

Each piece is made from unique boards of African Mahogany, colors and figure will vary with each piece. This brings life and character to every chair.

Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns you have. I will accommodate you in any way if I am able.

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