The Nevada Lounge Table

The Nevada Lounge Table

This solid Black Walnut table is a combination of angles and subtle patterns. Vertical figure on the legs contrasts the horizontal figure on the table top. The legs are half lapped and joined to create a unique X figure with intersecting angles at 62 degrees. The entire piece is finished with a German hard wax oil that leaves a strong but natural coating, the sheen is a soft satin.


This is the first in a two-part series highlighting angles and horizontally figured table tops.


Style: Coffee Table
Overall Dimensions: 23"W X 48"L X 16"T
Wood: Walnut
Finish: Hard-Wax Oil
Made in Fallbrook California

Finish: The finish is a beautiful and durable as a natural option. The hardwax oil leaves a satin sheen. The hardwax oil is resistent to water, wine, and most chemicals. Even so, proper care and maintenance is key to having elegant furniture that lasts generations. For further information please contact me.

Each piece is made from unique boards of Walnut, colors and figure will vary with each piece. This brings life and character to every table.


Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns you have. I will accommodate you in any way if I am able.

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